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Helping you find your truth

As an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Stone Medicine Woman I help you discover your essence, sacred gifts and reconnection to Soul. I use my nurturing, healing gifts to shine light for people to journey back into their center and discover their innate power within. 

"Follow your heart and listen to your stillness. Find your peace within and allow it to grow."

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My Ethos

Empower & Heal

At Inner Guiding Light I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, our Ancestors, Mother Earth and High Spirit as I aspire to live in harmony with all creatures.

I aim to provide a sacred space for people to feel safe and nurtured while having a nourishing experience  of energy healing, always being respectful of their choices and witness to their empowerment.


All About Me

My Journey


I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Light Language Healer, Channel, Artist and Animal Communicator of Inner Guiding Light.


I began my healing journey back as a young child which prompted me in 1978 to become an Enrolled Nurse and I loved every minute of helping people heal.

After 16 years of nursing I realized that I wanted to take a more Holistic, less invasive form of healing. So, for over the past 30 years, I have been on my own healing journey of discovery, meditating and channeling ancestral guidance which has not only changed my life but the lives of those around me as well.

This road has taken me to many different modalities, workshops, teachings and courses learning the techniques and tools for self healing.

As I journeyed, I discovered Reiki and went through years of training to become a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer and for the past 13 years, I have been facilitating healing for family, friends and Clients with compassion and unconditional love in individual sessions, helping people to awaken their own dormant healing potential. 

I tune with a deep connection to Mother Earth, the Divine, the 4 Directions, Guides and Angels along with the Elements, bringing Light Language and Drumming within a healing session, which brings clarity of energy and grounding. 

By opening these channels of communication, it has helped Clients to experience a great sense of peace, calm and wellbeing giving them an awareness of their inner Spirit,.....and some Clients have taken it further learning the art of Reiki, for themselves.

I now teach Reiki and facilitate various workshops in helping Women to connect in to their Inner guidance and Sacred Feminine. 

If you are wanting to discover more about healing yourself, I am available for Channeled Healing sessions in my Sacred space in Sandy Bay or you can have a Distance Healing if you live Interstate or Overseas.

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Healing Sessions

Mind, Body and Soul

I am a nurturing Reiki Healer specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing Session $150.00AU for 1.5 hour session

The Ancient Art of Hands on Healing

I work within the Light as I set up Sacred Space and tune in to Mother Earth, the Divine, my Guides and Angels preparing for your session. Within this intuitive hands on healing, the power of the Drum usually paves the way at the beginning of the session to bring you to your heart center, which will enable you to receive the energy guided through me to bring you exactly what you need at that moment.

This most likely will include Light Language, an aura and chakra cleanse and balance, crystal energy healing, rebalance of the masculine/feminine energy, and if led by Spirit, a past life soul retrieval weaving it back into your essence.

You will feel a great sense of peace and grounding throughout the session and then as the session closes, you will feel and hear the soothing energy of the singing bowl that will bring you fully back in to your Essence.

All messages that I channel will be given to you and I will always ensure you are grounded before you leave. 💫

Distant Healing Sessions

$150.00AU for 1.5 hour session

Nurture your Soul

My Interstate clients love these distant healing sessions from the comfort of their own home. 💗

We connect via FaceTime so you can hear all that goes on within the session.

You will need to set the time aside, as it will be as if you were with me in my room. 

I work within the light as I set up Sacred Space and tune in to Mother Earth, the Divine, my Guides and Angels preparing for your session. Within this intuitive hands on healing, the power of the Drum usually paves the way at the beginning of the session to bring you to your heart center, which will enable you to receive the energy guided through me to bring you exactly what you need at that moment.

This most likely will include Light Language, an aura and chakra cleanse and balance, crystal energy healing, rebalance of the masculine/feminine energy, and if led by Spirit, a past life soul retrieval weaving it back into your essence.

You will feel a great sense of peace and grounding throughout the session and then as the session closes, you will feel and hear the soothing energy of the singing bowl that will bring you fully back in to your Essence.

We will have a catch up at the end of the session and then if it is your first session with me, I will contact you 3 days after just to check how you are processing. All messages that I channel will be given to you and I will always ensure you are grounded before you leave. 💫

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Awakening Mentor Sessions

Are you ready to step into your innate power?

Are you willing to be responsible for your own path?

Let me guide you, giving the tools you will need to do just that.

Get in Touch

As an Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor, I am offering a unique style of guidance for you, to help you access your own unique wisdoms and gifts.

If you are at a crossroads, or feeling stuck and looking for some direction and support?  Or, you find you have some personal or spiritual work to do, but don't know where or how to start?

Then allow me to be your support person, the one on your team, as I offer a personalized 1-on-1 online spiritual mentoring session with you in real time, connecting with you on Video call.

During this session, you will be spiritually held in a safe and nurturing space, for you to share anything that may be coming up for you.

I will set sacred space and tune in to your Higher Self before commencing and then we will have an hour to address anything that you may be struggling with or that could be blocking you at this time.

I will meet you and your energy exactly where you are, and we will go from there. My philosophy and style of mentoring is to guide you to find your gifts and share any tools with you that may be of use for you, in your daily life.

The session does not have a set formula of ‘one size fits all’, or any expectations that you do things the way I do them, rather, it will be an organic session, of discovering exactly what you need, what works for you, always being guided by Spirit throughout the session with any messages that are channeled throughout, always be given to you.  

There are some things you could expect during the session and that may be included; a tailored meditation specific to your needs, journaling, a card reading and gifting of some spiritual practices to help you navigate your way through what you are dealing with at the time.

This session will be focused on nurturing you, your dreams and creativity, tuning you in to your intuition and giving you the tools to use to help keep you focused in your ‘now’ and how to BE.

These are tools that you will always have in your own spiritual toolbox to be able to use anytime.


If you have not worked with me before, and you are wanting to travel together in an Awakening session with me, then I highly recommend having an Energy Healing session with me first.

This will serve as a great start point for your healing and will give me a deeper understanding of what is happening for you. The added benefit is that it will also provide a clearer platform from which you can launch.

One Awakening session will definitely help you and give you focus for your day-to-day life, however, for a better and more consistent result, you will benefit greatly from having at least 3 consecutive sessions. These can be tailored to your busy schedule either weekly or fortnightly, but a commitment to regularity will be required if you choose consecutive sessions.

These sessions are all about building on the one before and empowering you to discover and nurture your strengths and find your inner song. This is about you being you and will require you to be open and willing to participate in any practices or exercises that are set between visits. The more you practice the easier it unfolds and opens for you to navigate your own path.

My Commitment

My commitment to you is to be the best spiritual mentor I can be, as I provide a safe and nurturing sacred space for you to deepen your self-exploration with the understanding and acceptance of your part in your transformation. I will be present in every session as I witness you and I will always respect you, your beliefs, and your journey.

Session Fees

Each of us have our own unique gifts that serve us so well, we just need to know how to unlock those doors so we can tune in and become the best spiritual being in our human body and experience it the best way we can.

"I will be humbled and honored to be the beacon in the lighthouse, shining the light forward for you, so you never have to crash upon the rocks."

A one hour Awakening Session $100

3 consecutive 1hr Awakening Sessions $280 (value $300)

7 consecutive 1hr Awakening Sessions $650 (value $700)

It is important to note that as I will be giving guidance and advice, it is of a spiritual nature, and this is in, no way or form, in the capacity of a therapist or a counsellor and is not a substitute for conventional medical or psychological therapy or services.

Please contact me to book a session.


Client Feedback

Thank you so much Gaynor, for the incredibly healing session you a e me yesterday. I was completely blown away after our first session a few months ago and am again after our second. I will schedule regular sessions at least once a month to keep me in alignment. I could literally feel the energy moving in my body during our session. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I feel so much more aligned and clear.

There is a deep sense of love and protection within me. A sense of calm. I am so grateful for you!! 

Keren P, USA


Gaynor is the loveliest person I've ever met. Awesome experience, definitely recommend.

Melissa M, Hobart


"I feel so blessed to have met Gaynor. She is the most beautiful and gentle soul. From the moment I walked into her room I felt completely held and nurtured. the session was transformational. I left with the deepest feeling of peace and lightness which continued to weave it's way through my life in the weeks following. Thank you Gaynor, you truly are a gift to this Earth"

Grace R, Hobart

Gaynor is incredibly gifted and has created a beautiful space. My healing session has left me feeling a calmness I haven't felt in a very long time. I can't speak highly enough of Gaynor xxx

Amanda V, Hobart


Gaynor creates an incredible container of light, allowing you to completely relax and receive exactly what is needed in a clear, safe and supported space. Her work is both powerful and has the capacity to reach the depth of healing you are willing to allow. 
She is a healer's 'Healer'!

Catherine @wednesdayreiki


I recently had a Reiki Energy Healing session with Gaynor at Sandy Bay.

Gaynor is a Warm, Loving, Caring & Amazing person. I was not expecting anything like what happened. The physical sensations I felt during the session surprised me, tingling, warmth, swooshing water like a lopsided whirlpool-until it settled into a nice smooth spin, is the best way I can describe it.

Since my session last week, I have felt a childlike excitement & happiness for life that I haven't felt in years. 

So Uplifting, so light, and it continues to last.

I would highly recommend Gaynor to everyone who wants to release stress and negativity and feel balanced. Maybe even clear some unknown blocks you don't know you have. Allow yourself a healing session with Gaynor, you're worth it.

Sincerely with love, Roxanne, Hobart

"Gaynor is amazing.....if you are searching for inner peace & wanting to connect with your inner spiritual being this is the lady to see"

Leslee M, Hobart

I recently completed the "Discover Your Essence" workshop with Gaynor from Inner Guiding Light and it was transformational. If you are looking for someone to lift you up and nurture you through the changes you experience on your spiritual journey, or looking for a supportive place to start your journey then this is definitely something I recommend. Gaynor has so much to teach that it's hard to sum up the experience with only words but if you have been guided here it's for a reason...
I have also completed Reiki Level 1 and had my own Reiki healing session with Gaynor and can highly recommend both. Gaynor has a talent for bringing likeminded people together to create a truly safe space for their healing and enlightenment. I look forward to my next workshop.
Emily J, Hobart

Thanks you so much for your report and follow up. I have never experienced distance healing before and was astonished at what you picked up. All your comments on treatment and your findings throughout the session made complete sense to me and having had time to reflect and settle with the session I am feeling less blocked.

Diana F, Victoria

I have had the pleasure of seeing Gaynor on a few occasions now. Each time Gaynor has been comforting, friendly and professional. Reiki is such an amazing experience but working with Gaynor make the experience even more special! The positive energy you feel as soon as you walk in to the safe space is so welcoming and relaxing. For whatever reason you're seeking Reiki, Gaynor is the first person I would recommend instantly! I'm blessed to have met and worked with the lovely lady.

Emily S, Hobart

Gaynor is such a warm and inviting person. I have completed her Discover Your Essence workshop, I am grateful for her sharing her wisdom, as this has given me tools to further my spiritual journey. 

I have also had a healing session, which nurtured my soul in ways I didn't even know I needed.

Gaynor's energy and internal light is just beautiful. I would highly recommend her as her work genuinely leaves you feeling lighter.

Kellie, Hobart

Doing Reiki Level 1 with Gaynor was a truly magical experience! I enjoyed her organized and well supported style of teaching. Gaynor took us through the history of Reiki and her teachers lineage. She performed four attunements on us which connected us to the Reiki "grid". The energy brought lots of animals and  interesting synchronicities to the place the workshop was held at. The food was delicious and plentiful. I felt sage, protected and well guided through this amazing experience. my life has changed as a result of this teaching from Gaynor. I cannot wait to do Level 2!

Thank you Gaynor

Gabi W, Hobart

I have recently had 2 x Distance Reiki Treatments and very impressed. I felt the benefits immediately and have felt so positive and deeply relaxed since the first session. I can highly recommend Gaynor as a wonderful Reiki Practitioner.

Victoria B, Adelaide SA

I have seen Gaynor a few times now and always come away feeling so much more grounded and supported. She has such a gift of giving, a true Earth Mother. I always feel so comfortable and at ease when I have a session with her. Our sessions together have helped me heal my body both physically and spiritually. If you want to see someone who is genuine and has so much to give than go to see Gaynor.

Claire B, Hobart

5 stars!

I cannot recommend Gaynor enough! I had the pleasure of having a Reiki healing session done over Facetime! wow it truly was amazing. I walked away with a big weight lifted off my shoulders and feeling whole for the first time in my 23 years earth side. I feel truly blessed and honored to have had Gaynor work her amazing magic on me, the pure love she gives out is so welcoming and calming, such a beautiful kind warm soul

Thank you so very much.

Amber, NSW

I recently did Reiki 1 with Gaynor. Gaynor is a wonderful support and gentle guide, creating a sacred space for her students to discover peace within and allow it to grow. 

Gaynor gives generously of her wisdom. I am grateful we have Gaynor in our community to share Reiki in her joyous way.

Naomi G, Hobart

Gaynor is an amazing soul and I highly recommend having a session with her. My last session brought about some much needed deep healing. After the session I gained not only healing but a sense of ease and calm. I'm truly grateful for Gaynor and her work.

Alison H, Hobart

Good morning Gaynor I had the great pleasure of having my first session with you a couple of weeks ago at Sandy Bay. It was absolutely wonderful and I left feeling lighter, clearer and with a beautiful sense of wholeness and peace. I want you to know that I am so grateful that those feelings continue to remain, despite an extraordinary amount of work stress these past two weeks. I am already looking forward to booking another session.

Bless your heart Gaynor, with love Jenny.

Jenny W, Hobart


Infinity Meditation Beads

These beautiful Bespoke strands of beads are created in Ceremony within Sacred Space using Natural Gemstones while chanting an individual Mantra  throughout the process!

Infinity Meditation Beads
$85 AU 
+ Postage 

Choose your own beads or I can intuit for are you choices!





Black Opal

Black Tourmaline

Clear Quartz 

Crazy Agate



Indigo Gabbro

Lapis Lazuli



Pink Jade

Pink Rhodonite

Red Jasper

Rose Quartz


Tibetan Mountain Jade

Topaz Jade

Tigers Eye


White Opal

I have been instructed by my Guides, that I needed to make these beautiful strands of beads for others to work with, so they may connect in a much deeper way. They are centred around the number eight for a reason it is the number of beginnings and no end, it is the sign of Infinity, and it is the most powerful number. Eight is where energy and miracles happen and eight is the key to your power, taking you to the deeper level of soul.

These beads will bring you infinite possibilities, finding a sense of harmony, balance, grounding, and power with the ability to access any time or dimension, withing the Light.

The number 8 is a mirror and the only number that is….this means as you work with them you will find you have the opportunity to hold that mirror to yourself….and this is where great transformations occur.

There are 64 beads (8x8) on the strand, plus a Tibetan Guru bead and a handmade tassel, they are for you to work with during your meditations and sacred times, working your way around the strand having a gratitude with every bead, or chanting the Mantra provided, or creating one of your own.

They can also be worn as a bracelet or necklace to enhance your connection to your Higher Self.

Reiki Healing


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