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Awakening Mentor Sessions

Are you ready to step into your innate power?

Are you willing to be responsible for your own path?

Let me guide you, giving the tools you will need to do just that.

Awakening Mentor Sessions


Are you ready to step into your innate power?

Are you willing to be responsible for your own path?

Let me guide you, giving the tools you will need to do just that.

As an Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor, I am offering a unique style of guidance for you, to help you access your own unique wisdoms and gifts.​

If you are at a crossroads, or feeling stuck and looking for some direction and support?  Or, you find you have some personal or spiritual work to do, but don't know where or how to start?​

Then allow me to be your support person, the one on your team, as I offer a personalized 1-on-1 online spiritual mentoring session with you in real time, connecting with you on Video call.

During this session, you will be spiritually held in a safe and nurturing space, for you to share anything that may be coming up for you.

I will set sacred space and tune in to your Higher Self before commencing and then we will have an hour to address anything that you may be struggling with or that could be blocking you at this time.

I will meet you and your energy exactly where you are, and we will go from there. My philosophy and style of mentoring is to guide you to find your gifts and share any tools with you that may be of use for you, in your daily life.

The session does not have a set formula of ‘one size fits all’, or any expectations that you do things the way I do them, rather, it will be an organic session, of discovering exactly what you need, what works for you, always being guided by Spirit throughout the session with any messages that are channeled throughout, always be given to you.  

There are some things you could expect during the session and that may be included; a tailored meditation specific to your needs, journaling, a card reading and gifting of some spiritual practices to help you navigate your way through what you are dealing with at the time.

This session will be focused on nurturing you, your dreams and creativity, tuning you in to your intuition and giving you the tools to use to help keep you focused in your ‘now’ and how to BE.

These are tools that you will always have in your own spiritual toolbox to be able to use anytime.


If you have not worked with me before, and you are wanting to travel together in an Awakening session with me, then I highly recommend having an Energy Healing session with me first.

This will serve as a great start point for your healing and will give me a deeper understanding of what is happening for you. The added benefit is that it will also provide a clearer platform from which you can launch.

One Awakening session will definitely help you and give you focus for your day-to-day life, however, for a better and more consistent result, you will benefit greatly from having at least 3 consecutive sessions. These can be tailored to your busy schedule either weekly or fortnightly, but a commitment to regularity will be required if you choose consecutive sessions.

These sessions are all about building on the one before and empowering you to discover and nurture your strengths and find your inner song. This is about you being you and will require you to be open and willing to participate in any practices or exercises that are set between visits. The more you practice the easier it unfolds and opens for you to navigate your own path.

My Commitment

My commitment to you is to be the best spiritual mentor I can be, as I provide a safe and nurturing sacred space for you to deepen your self-exploration with the understanding and acceptance of your part in your transformation. I will be present in every session as I witness you and I will always respect you, your beliefs, and your journey.

Session Fees

Each of us have our own unique gifts that serve us so well, we just need to know how to unlock those doors so we can tune in and become the best spiritual being in our human body and experience it the best way we can.

"I will be humbled and honored to be the beacon in the lighthouse, shining the light forward for you, so you never have to crash upon the rocks."

A one hour Awakening Session $100

3 consecutive 1hr Awakening Sessions $280 (value $300)

7 consecutive 1hr Awakening Sessions $650 (value $700)

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