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Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle is held every month giving you the opportunity to sit around the flame of consciousness and tune in to the energies of the Divine and Mother Earth connecting back in to your Wise Woman within. 

It is the place to come, where you leave your worries and troubles at the threshold stepping in to the energetic field of peace and sanctuary ‘filling your bucket’ and tuning in to your heart. 


In the two hours we are together we have the opportunity to share in circle as we pass the ‘Talking Stick,’ there will also be ceremony of ‘releasing and bringing in’ with ritual helping you to navigate your way forward through the next month with some setting of intentions and there will always be a beautiful original guided meditation. 


It is $35 to join and as spaces are limited, please contact me to book your place.


Dates for 2023

  • 8th Jan

  • 5th February 

  • 5th March

  • 2nd April 

  • 7th May

  • 4th June

  • 2nd July

  • 6th August

  • 17th September 

  • 8th October 

  • 29th October 

  • 19th November 

  • 10th December 

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