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Please set yourself and your space as you honour yourself doing this meditation, so perhaps light a candle and hold your favourite crystal....get really comfortable and then start the recording (this is enjoy!)


This is a beautiful meditation taking you on a journey within, to a place of vibrant energy bringing you an activation in Light Language opening and connecting you on a much deeper level of yourself and your gifts. You are supported and loved by all your Guides and Angels as this activation takes place and you will feel the connection with your Ancestors as they all sit around you holding sacred space for you to BE so allow and trust while you accept this glorious gift..


This is next level healing and something that you will not have received before, each time you return to this meditation you will get a deeper and deeper meaning and understanding, building on the layer before. This is the gift that keeps on giving.


I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this for you....Blessings be.


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