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A journey with Eagle


In this guided meditation you will be fully supported as you are taken on a journey to meet with Eagle. 


Eagle will give you a different vision, looking from a higher perspective and giving you a broader view of your journey ahead. 


Sometimes we can’t see clearly on our path ahead and we need to step back to widen our vision as we can be too close to a situation. 


You will be gently guided to connect with the majesty of Eagle as you are taken to a place where you can see your path ahead and gain the key to your what your next step is and also be given a message just for you. 


It may be that you can use the key straight away or perhaps you will keep it until you are ready, only you can discern this. 


Are you ready to take a step forward on your soul’s journey? 


You will find the more you meditate, the easier you will be able to tune in and navigate your daily life. 


So come with me as I hold Sacred Space for you and guide you to journey within your heart space of love and light. ðŸ’—

Find your path with Eagle

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