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Inner peace evades so many of us these days, especially these past few years……so I invite you to join me on this guided meditation.


Discover your Inner Peace, is a meditation where I will hold sacred space for you to  journey into your heart centre (your lotus) from a grounded and connected place in the light. 


As you go within, you will feel the crystalline energy as you receive a heart centred gift and message while you sit peacefully in your own sacred place soaking in the unconditional love that surrounds you. 


Then when it is time, let me gently and slowly bring you back in to your lotus before bringing your awareness back into your body and your surroundings, feeling so grounded, loved and whole. 


You will always have this to be able to travel back in, whenever you feel the need. 


So come with me and allow me to guide you in a soul journey of peace, comfort, safety, light and love. ðŸ’—

Discover your inner peace