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The Elixir of Life 


This guided meditation is very dear to me as it was gifted to me by my mentor and teacher. 


We all need a special sacred place that’s just for us and no one else, where we can go for solace and retreat. 


Allow me to hold space for you to discover where this place is for you. 


When you get there you will be invited to drink from the never ending supply of Elixir of Life, bringing you exactly what you need at this point in time. 


I have traveled there many times over the years, it is my safe place and where I go to replenish my energy and I will be forever grateful to Gabi for sharing this meditation experience with me. 


I now gift this to my Reiki students…..sharing is all about passing wisdom forward. 


I hope you enjoy this beautiful journey as much as I do. 


I know you will do this one more than once, it feels like coming home, and as always I will gently bring your awareness back into you and ground you as we finish this journey. 💗

The Elixir of Life