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A place of peace and tranquility 


Do you struggle to still your mind and feel safe in this world? 


Come with me as I hold you in the Light and take you on a  guided meditation into your sacred space and sit with nature. Nature is where you are going to feel all the beautiful healing vibrations to support you. 


This is where you will find your spiritual place of power to draw the exact experience of tranquility that will bring an awareness of being safe and free. 


This will be your special place of strength where you can come to your happy place and bask in euphoria for as long as you wish. 


Then when it is time I will gently guide you back into your lotus bringing your awareness slowly back into your body and your surroundings feeling refreshed and renewed. 


You will always have this meditation to come back to so you can enter your sacred space of tranquility 

anytime you feel the need. 


You will find the more you practice this, the easier you will navigate your daily life. 


So come with me as I hold Sacred Space for you and guide you to journey within your heart space in unconditional love and light. 💗

Your place of Tranquility

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