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I was guided to create these beautiful bespoke strands of Natural Crystal beads within Sacred Ceremony for people to work with, so they may connect in a much deeper way. 


Each strand has its own unique Mantra chanted whilst creating them and your individual information letter comes with your beads letting you know which Mantra was used. 


They are centred around the number eight for a reason, it is the number of beginnings and no end, it is the sign of Infinity, and it is the most powerful number. Eight is where energy and miracles happen and 8 is the key to your power, taking you to a deeper level of soul.


There are 64 beads (8x8) on the strand, plus a Tibetan Guru bead and a handmade tassel, they are for you to work with during your meditations and sacred times, working your way around the strand having gratitude with every bead, chanting the Mantra provided, or creating one of your own.


They can also be worn as a bracelet or necklace to enhance your connection to your Higher Self.

Choose your own beads or I can intuit for you...
here are you choices!





Black Opal

Black Tourmaline

Clear Quartz 

Crazy Agate



Indigo Gabbro

Lapis Lazuli



Pink Jade

Pink Rhodonite

Red Jasper

Rose Quartz


Tibetan Mountain Jade

Topaz Jade

Tigers Eye


White Opal

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