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These guided meditations can be downloaded after purchase for you to keep and use as many times as you like. You will receive a download link that will be active for 30 days after purchase.

Welcome to my guided Vibrational Meditation Journeys. 

I have been intuitively guiding meditations for many years now, and it is always a journey into Soul. 


Meditation is a state of being where you quiet your mind and be still, focus on your breath and allow the light to find you, this is where you will connect deeply with your soul. 


By setting time aside and meditating on a regular basis you will bring 

conscious awareness to source and Mother Earth, allowing the energy to flow through you and bring you inner peace. 


When you meditate often, you will find that your life changes and becomes more conscious. You start your day being grounded and more present, giving you the skills to navigate your day from a higher vibrational level. The more you practice, the better you get at tuning into that feeling of inner peace, being able to access and tune in during your daily life. 


Allow these meditations to help you transcend your everyday, with soulful and meaningful moments as you incorporate your learnings and understanding of Universal love into your BE-ing. 


These unique meditations are created in sacred space, in a portal of love and light connected to the Divine and Mother Earth and are infused with light codes helping you connect in to your authentic self. 


I hope you enjoy them.  

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